Week 49

 Orientation week in the studio started last Wednesday.
Lights and shadows are always interesting. 
The week was too short, we had only two days to practice with lights and shadows .
Luckily we will have longer period in studio in January.

 And after these follows the über posting about gigs. 

It took a while to decide which photos to Photoshop and which to leave on the hard-disc to be processed later. 
After all I photoshoped photos from four gigs. 
So here those are:

Klubi, Tampere

Ewert And The Two Dragons
Klubi, Tampere

 Klubi, Tampere

Bar Hovi, Rauma

 Last weekend we also had a bday party 


Week 48

 I was filming material to music video's "making of" part. Actual pictures can't be published yet, 
but here is something I did inbetween filmings.

Some pics from two man's solo night.

Lonely nights and too much time in hands...


 One old studio exercise. 
I wanted to publish it just because we started the period in studio yesterday. 
So now I should really learn how to use studio at least somehow. 

Making animation.

Test photos.
Before taking pictures on film I take a test pic, so I will surely get the right lighting. 
Here are couple of my test pics. 
I have again taken lots of pics only on film, which I have not developed yet.
This is why there is no actual pics. I went to develop one film, 
but the exposures weren't right in every screen. 


 I also got here one of my old profile pictures, from one series, which is still incompleted.
I haven't really noticed this pic before,so I refreshned my mind. 
Next weekend I have agreed to take pictures from people and take pictures to one series, 
which still hasn't been done.  


Week 47

Last week was all about film developing and printing negatives. Our period in school's darkroom is allready halfaway and I am totally addicted to film-fotographing and self-devenloping the pics.
I will definitely continue using our darkroom. After all it is free for us to use. 

During this weekend I have been photographing people in Rauma's old town with Mamiya RB67. 
I am still looking for models, so if you are interested please let me know!

I scanned couple of pictures here, but the colours became totally distorted. Anyways, I hope you can get the idea, even the colours are bad after scanning.... I will take pictures from these pics later, hoping that the colours will be at least a bit better.
I haven't had time to develop the pictures I have taken during the past week, so this there are not many pictures...


Week 46

On One beautiful day
I was  filming with the boys

One of my school works:

Last Thursday in Turku
I saw one of the best gigs of my life.
 I use to say this quite often!

Jaakko & Jay, Klubi, Turku

Turku by night

Saturday was an indescribable
Live music once again.
At this time Krtek and DWNSTRS



Saturday was at first a really frosty night
I think the world looked beautiful when it glittered
and a thin layer of white covered everything.

Some cottage-romantic.
One of the best places in the world is at sitting in front of this fireplace